Nursing and breastfeeding cover

Our nursing and breastfeeding cover is made specifically for busy Moms who would like to nurse discreetly and look good while taking care of their baby. If you don’t want to put on a stiff, apron-like nursing cover that clearly indicates you’re nursing your baby – our cover is for you.

Made from premium grey bamboo material, the cover feels soft and luxurious to touch. With Mom and baby in mind, we searched high and low for material that is thin enough to be breathable, yet not see-through. We’re happy to say that we found the perfect fit!

Our breastfeeding cover does not have an enforced neck, instead the softness and movability of the material provides complete privacy while nursing, along with the option to adjust the cover to ensure your baby does not feel cramped or sweaty. The 5 snaps on the side of the cover can be adjusted to your preference and the snaps can be positioned either over your shoulder, over your back or over your chest depending on your nursing preference.

Lastly, the neutral color options fit in with most items in your wardrobe – and it’s perfect to nurse a baby boy or baby girl. You can wear the cover as a poncho or a scarf, or use it as a swaddle blanket or a car seat and baby carrier cover. We love multi-functional items, and we’re sure you’re going to enjoy the multiple uses that our nursing cover offers!

How to wear and different uses

For a quick overview of how to wear our nursing cover while breastfeeding your baby, take a look at the video below. In this video we also show you how to wear the nursing cover as a scarf.

Care instructions for your nursing cover

Our nursing covers are made from luxuriously soft bamboo material that’s easy to care for. Simply wash the nursing cover with cold or lukewarm water and air-dry or tumble dry on low heat. If needed, iron with a lukewarm iron or steam the cover.