Our Tips for New Parents

Parenting can be an overwhelming, most joyous, and tiring experience, in that exact order, when you are dealing with it for the first time. You will definitely learn to navigate through it all, in time. But, here’s a top tip, worth gold, and the best one you will ever hear about parenting: Don’t listen to others! Sure, this might sound a bit given the topic of our post, but just bear with us.

You will soon find out that everybody will be ready to give you advice, and some will even get angry if you don’t follow it! There will be many Do’s and Don’ts, and honestly, you can’t please everybody – even if you want to, so why even try? Second best advice we can give you is how to behave when this parenting education begins – smile and nod. And then do it your way anyway 😉 It’s your kid, you and your partner as parents are solely responsible for your child, and you shouldn’t listen to anyone but a healthcare provider. Go with your gut, and go with the advice that you actually agree with.

We have prepared a collection of topics where you will need to make a decision once you give birth to your baby, but with us, you will at least make an informed choice. Topics are more in a form of a reading material checklist that you can go through, but don’t worry, it’s an easy read. Here’s the rest of the smart advice, but you’re the only one who can choose whether to follow them or not 😉

Save money on baby products

Baby products are expensive, and that’s a fact. But, there’s a lot that you can do to make smart choices when it comes to getting the equipment and accessories you need. We have delved into this issue and found a few neat tricks to save your wallet from slimming down more than necessary.


Prepare for the first breastfeeding, even before you give birth

Dad can’t help much here, except maybe going shopping to get you what you need, so Mom, this one’s on you, and yes, you will want to get yourself ready before giving birth, for your sake. Read these tips here so that you can make breastfeeding as painless as possible.


How to breastfeed in public comfortably

It will take some getting used to at first, but you will figure out breastfeeding outside the privacy of your home, sooner or later. These tips about nursing in public can help you transition from later to sooner in no time.  

Swaddling – yay or nay?

Swaddling is highly recommended, according to some pediatric experts. Even hospitals advise it and use the swaddling technique for newborns. We would definitely go with the “yay” here, but you are free to learn more about swaddling and its benefits here, and then make your choice.

Feel free to go through the rest of our blog posts where you can read plenty of parenting tips and tricks, and don’t be shy – tell us what you think in the comments below.