Maternity Fashion Tips

Even though pregnancy is a natural process, many women battle with body image issues during pregnancy – and the changes to their bodies after their child is born. You know what, Moms? You are beautiful. You created a new life, brought a new soul into this world. You’ve got this! It’s just a matter of choosing the right wardrobe pieces and finding something that fits your style.

Carefully chosen, stylish maternity clothes can help bring your inner beauty to the outside, and make you feel good. It’s no secret that women like to dress up – it’s a great confidence booster! But, maternity fashion choices for nursing moms today aren’t really flattering. Designs usually range from glorified potato-sacks to oversized, unflattering t-shirts and dresses, all available in a range of colours and patterns. That’s not maternity fashion, that’s a crime. It’s as if the designers think that once you have given birth, anything you put on will do, without even thinking about looks, style, and comfort.


Knowing how feeling good in your skin and looking good is important for a positive body image and self-esteem, Mooiste designed a nursing cover that flatters any frame and build.

Also, it’s easily combined with the rest of your clothes. Our nursing cover is based on a simple, yet important premise: you can nurse and still look good in maternity clothes.

We chose a poncho style for its many benefits – it can be inconspicuously worn every day as a regular clothing piece that doesn’t scream: “Hey, nursing mom here, look at me!”

Nursing CoverYou can even wear our nursing cover during pregnancy, since its shape is flattering and comfortable. A poncho style top goes well with any style – from business to casual, and anything in between. We have many Moms who fell in love with our nursing cover so much that they reported wearing it even after they stopped nursing!

Wear our nursing cover with maternity jeans, pants, leggings, or skirts, because a grey or purple matte poncho will complement any outfit.

Nursing CoverMooiste nursing cover pros:

  • Practical
  • Multifunctional
  • Provides 360° coverage
  • Comes in two matte colours
  • Complements all frames and sizes, from petite to plus-size
  • Can be worn as a scarf or a poncho
  • Lightweight and folds small

Not only will you look good with a Mooiste nursing cover, you will feel good – literally. Our nursing cover is made from a soft, breathable bamboo material that is so light and smooth that your baby will love, and you will adore.

Unlike other nursing covers, our poncho-style provides a 360° coverage and removes the fear of accidental skin-flashing.

Nursing CoverIt stays in place while your baby is nursing, no matter how active and squirmy your little bundle of joy is.

Purposefully designed without a reinforced neck, Mooiste cover allows you to check on your baby while you are breastfeeding, easily adjust the latch if necessary, and choose the level of neckline looseness with adjustable snaps on the side.

Mooiste nursing cover versatilityNursing Cover

Scarf, poncho, is there anything else this nursing cover can do? The answer is: YES. You can use Mooiste’s nursing covers as a car seat canopy, stroller cover, emergency changing mat, swaddle blanket, burp cloth and more.

Mooiste’s nursing cover won’t take up precious space in your diaper bag. The soft bamboo material makes it easy to fold small, so that it can easily fit anywhere – if you aren’t feeling like wearing it as a scarf or a poncho.

Also, affordable prices make this nursing cover a smart gift for baby showers that won’t put a dent in your budget.

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Also, feel free to watch this tutorial video below to learn how you can use your Mooiste nursing cover.