How to save money when buying baby products and accessories

No matter if it is your first child or not, having a baby is a joyous occasion – but it also puts a dent in your budget. That dent can be managed with some handy tips and trial-and-error experience from other Moms. Here’s a quick guide on how to save money on baby equipment and accessories.

Don’t go overboard with a shopping spree

Babies grow fast. First-time Moms often buy more than they need, because there’s a lingering feeling of not being prepared enough. Having 20 onesies for your baby’s first trimester is probably too much. Your washing machine will work overtime because of all the swaddling blankets, nursing covers and other baby clothes either way, so you can just buy a couple of pairs to have a spare while the rest is being washed.

Don’t say no to hand-me-downs

Again, babies grow fast. Why waste money on a new baby product that will soon become unusable when you’re offered a gently used second-hand item? Ask your friends if they have any left-over equipment, clothes or accessories – or go to yard sales or try to find baby product exchange groups on social media. Most of the time you will buy a barely used product, or as good as new, at a much better price.

Shop online

Don’t be afraid to shop online. Use Amazon reviews to determine what people really think about a product before you buy it. This way you will be home with your baby and the package will arrive at your doorstep . Many times, you will catch an exclusive sale, and end up paying less for the product you want. For example, take a look at our Amazon store – there are more than 200 product reviews for Mooiste’s nursing cover. These are real reviews, from real moms, who voiced their opinion about the quality of the design and everyday usage.

A pro tip: Save on shipping by ordering several items from the same manufacturer!

Use versatile products

In this day and age, a good product design allows versatility. When we designed our products, we aimed to do just that – allow Moms to choose how they want to use our baby products. Sure, companies will always try to sell you the same thing over and over again, just by labeling it differently.

Take our swaddle blankets, for example. Apart from swaddling, they can perform many other functions. You can use Mooiste’s swaddle blanket like a nursing cover, burp cloth, car seat cover, stroller cover, picnic blanket, tummy time blanket, changing mat, and a lovey. We are selling a three-pack of unisex soft swaddle blankets, so you can always have a spare one at hand. Read all about the different uses for Mooiste’s swaddle blankets here!

We designed our nursing cover so that it could be worn inconspicuously as any other poncho, and serve as a nursing cover when you need to feed your baby. You can wear it as a stylish scarf, and let it down with one hand to expand it to a breastfeeding cover, or you can simply wear it as a poncho. The bamboo material is soft and breathable, without being see-through.

Feel free to check out all Mooiste baby products here and take your pick. We are often having a sale, so maybe you will get lucky! 😀