How to avoid burnout – smart parenting tricks to help you stay calm

It’s hard to keep it together at all times – sometimes our patience cracks and we can’t remain calm. It’s not rare that parents sometimes burst in tears of hopelessness – parenting has no pause. You can’t quit being a parent for a day.

Whether we are talking about the ‘terrible twos’ or just an infant baby, you can’t just wake up one day, and say: “Nope, not gonna parent today.” So, how to stay calm in tricky situations? How to keep your sanity? Read our post below for some of our tips.


Be selfish at times.

This is the most important, but also the hardest to follow. We live for our children so much that we forget to live for ourselves! Sometimes a parent has to be selfish and put herself / himself first in order to preserve calm nerves and sanity. But, a happy parent equals a happy baby / child and if that means that sometimes you have to put yourself first – then do it. It’s hard, so hard not to run, not to be there but if you are feeling the burnout, get some well-deserved “me” time.


Stop micromanaging. Micromanagement can hinder the development of children’s full potential and squish their inquisitive spirits, and it’s also tiring as hell. It takes up a lot of time and energy to be in control at all times – and you don’t need to be, not always. Kid splashing the water in the tub? Let it. Get silly with them, be playful and you will learn to embrace your inner child as well, while getting rid of the stress. And talking about stress…


Shake the stress away. Exercise, ride a bike, have a weekly activity, get a routine. You will be healthier, more confident about your looks and more relaxed. Vent that built-up stress by vigorous cleaning, for example. When you’re tired, you can let it go and relax, but when you’re pent up, that energy has to spill somewhere – punishing kids, fighting with your family, tears… Why not use it to do the house chores? It’s a win-win!

Learn not be in control. Not at all times. This is the second hardest piece of advice we will give you, but it’s as equally important. As long as your baby is provided for with the care that he/she needs – fed, changed, rested, healthy and just a bit “screamy,” do the Elsa and just let it go. It will pass. Put on some earbuds and play some music and keep your calm. Children need to explore and well, be children. Fussy babies can be just colicky, or they can startle themselves with natural reflexes and wake themselves up, so that fussiness can be from a lack of sleep.

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Unwind. After the children are put to bed, Moms usually do the cleaning and other things they didn’t get time for during the day. Now, we aren’t suggesting that you live in a constant mess, but from time to time, when you feel like you are nearing your limit or approaching your wit’s end – just relax. Read a book, hire a cleaning lady once a week, get a babysitter and go on a date with your partner. Sometimes it’s more important for your mental health to just relax in a bathtub with a glass of wine and lit candles than unloading the dryer, washer, dishwasher and slaving to the rest of appliances.

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What is your favorite way of unwinding after a long day of parenting?