How and Why to Use Stroller Hooks?

Parents, how many times have you wished for more space on your stroller? Just imagine: You are going about your day with your little one, pushing around your stroller and browsing shops in a mall, or you went to the supermarket to get fresh groceries. You have your little one, the stroller, and now, newly acquired bags you don’t have anywhere to put.

Sometimes you see families at stores who take their children and carry them to the car, while using strollers to transport new purchases. Nifty trick, but it’s hard to do that if you are shopping alone with the child. Strollers have a limited cargo space so, if you have used up all the storage space, you had to carry the rest (and your child) and push the stroller.

But, what if we told you that you can simply expand your carrying capacity with a simple and affordable product?

Introducing Mooiste’s stroller hooks! One stroller hook can carry up to 3kg (6lb), and we sell them in a two-pack. Even out the load and you can easily balance a diaper bag, purse, and your shopping bags.

Mooiste’s stroller hooks come with a durable and an adjustable Velcro strap, which makes them perfect to use on strollers of any make and model. There’s no need to worry whether they will fit there. Also, these hooks have a 360° rotation capability for your convenience, which makes it easy to choose what direction you want them to face. One of the best parts about these hooks, is that they have a curved, deep U-shape so that whatever you place on them, will stay right there.

When the weather is changing and it’s resembling Katy Perry’s “Hot ‘n’ Cold”, feel free to bring

your jacket and when you don’t need it, simply put it on the stroller hook.

Some people even buy these stroller hooks and use them on towel rails, or in the kitchen and we have also had people who told us that they use our stroller hooks on their bicycles! Due to their design and Velcro strap, these stroller hooks can be placed on almost any rail or a bar.

You can’t go wrong with these stroller hooks since you can reuse them in the home, garage or shed even after your stroller strolling days are over. If you look carefully at the design, you will see how durable these stroller hooks are. They are made from high-quality plastic that can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

If you are looking for a good baby shower gift, go with Mooiste stroller hooks. They are naturally gender neutral, quite handy, get parents up to 6kg (12lb) more carrying capacity and most of all – these stroller hooks are very affordable. Also, you can purchase a Mooiste online gift voucher and let the parents choose exactly what they want for their baby. We have a range of products – including our popular Mooiste nursing covers, three-pack swaddle blankets and diaper bags.

You can order your Mooiste stroller hooks on our Amazon store. You won’t regret it!