First Breastfeeding: Tips for First Time Mothers

We already discussed how to prepare yourself for breastfeeding before giving birth (you can read the post here), but what should you do when it is time for the first breastfeeding? Here are some tips to get you ready:

First things first

Even though nursing is labeled as the most natural process in nature, it doesn’t mean it will be easy from the start. Our number 1 tip is to, definitely, stay calm and have plenty of patience. Yes, this might sound clichéd, but it’s true. It’s your first time, and it’s your baby’s first time. Of course it’s fine if it doesn’t go smoothly at first.

Get your latch on

Your first goal will be to make your baby latch. A “latch” is a term that describes a moment when the baby takes a mouthful of your nipple (and areola) and starts drawing out milk. When you prepare for the first feeding, getting your baby to latch might prove difficult as her or she might not be hungry yet, or is still tired from the birth.

Here are a tip to make this process easier: Take your breast with your hand and support it. You can even gently squeeze your breast to make a small amount of milk come out – babies can smell it and will be drawn to the smell. As soon as your baby opens his or her mouth, put the bottom of your areola and your nipple in. Try that until your baby latches on and starts drawing milk. You will know it’s working if you feel a pulling sensation in your breast.

Time is on your side

Getting your baby to latch on for the first time might take you a couple of hours – or an entire day! That is perfectly normal, and you shouldn’t worry about your baby going hungry. They are born with enough energy reserves to get them through. Just be patient and take your time.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

Many hospitals have lactation specialists or knowledgeable staff who can help you with the first breastfeeding. Like all things in life, breastfeeding requires practice. If breastfeeding schools are available, you can sign up for a class before your baby is born, or you can always ask your friends who have kids. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, the more prepared and comfortable with the breastfeeding process you are, the easier it will be to breastfeed your baby for the first time.

Once you have the breastfeeding process under the knee, you can easily feed your baby while out and about. For Moms that prefer privacy while breastfeeding in public, take a look at our gender-neutral breastfeeding covers that is a great accessory for Mom and baby!

What breastfeeding tips do you have for other first-time Moms?