Different Uses of Mooiste Nursing Cover

Mooiste’s nursing cover is a very versatile accessory that can be so much more than just a breastfeeding cover. Apart from providing complete privacy for discrete breastfeeding, Mooiste’s nursing cover can also be used as a car seat cover, stroller cover, baby carrier cover, emergency swaddle blanket and changing mat, regular poncho for Mom, a scarf, nap-time blankie, and more – it really is an all in one product! And, it’s all about shopping smart.

Car seat cover

Need instant shade for your baby, or just want to make your baby’s car seat more comfortable? Simply use a Mooiste nursing cover as a baby car seat cover. Baby spilled something on the car seat? Due to Mooiste’s nursing cover easy maintenance, you can easily use it on the car seat so that your baby doesn’t get dirty.

Stroller cover

Somebody fell asleep during a stroll? Instantly provide your baby with much needed shade and privacy by spreading over a breathable Mooiste nursing cover over the stroller. Soft, luxurious bamboo material ensures the optimal temperature, protecting your baby from the outside world and providing the perfect rest for a weary child. The super-stretchy material can easily slip onto any stroller model.

Baby carrier cover

Just like with car seat cover and stroller cover, Mooiste’s nursing cover can also provide a perfect shade when draped over a baby carrier. Babies are messy and even though these baby products are supposed to be easy to clean and maintain, when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere, that maintenance can prove to be time-consuming. Protect your baby carrier with Mooiste’s nursing cover, or with our swaddle blanket.

Swaddle blanket

Speaking of swaddle blankets, if you haven’t ordered Mooiste’s swaddle blankets yet, or if you don’t have them on hand, Mooiste’s nursing cover can be the perfect replacement. Swaddling is great for calming down fussy and colicky babies, and if your little one has trouble sleeping when visiting Grandma or a friend, just whip out Mooiste’s nursing cover and comfortably tuck in your baby. The soft bamboo material ensures optimal body temperature, so that your baby will be warm when it’s cold, and cool during the scorching summer heats.

Changing mat

No changing mat around, no baby changing corner, and overall, no luck? You don’t need any of those with Mooiste’s nursing cover. Due to its ample size, you can fold the nursing cover and use it as an emergency changing mat when your baby needs to be changed while you’re out and about. 


We paid a lot of attention to Mooiste’s nursing cover and its design – we wanted to make sure that nursing can be done in public, in utmost privacy and comfort, without attracting too much attention. We also wanted to offer Moms a nice-looking maternity outfit that will hide the post-partum belly, and simply look good on any frame and build. The poncho provides a 360 degree coverage, and can be worn in pregnancy, and even after the nursing period is over.

Mooiste’s nursing cover lets you simply lift up one end, adjust your baby’s latch and breastfeed your baby in a matter of seconds.


Need to have a nursing cover on hand? Wear Mooiste’s breastfeeding cover as a stylish, matte scarf and simply roll it down when you need instant privacy to breastfeed. No need to rummage through your diaper bag while a hungry, fussy baby screams in your arms. Use one hand to hold your baby and just unfold the nursing cover with the other and you’re good to go.

Nap-time blankie

The soft, luxurious bamboo material is very inviting – the smooth, fuzzy feeling will keep your little one entertained until he or she falls into a peaceful slumber. If you’re visiting friends or family and your baby decided it’s nap time, just use Mooiste’s nursing cover as a light blanket.

If you haven’t ordered your nursing cover already, feel free to visit our Amazon shop – you might even get lucky and stumble across a sale we’re known to have from time to time!