Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Wondering what gift to bring to a baby shower? It’s hard to guess what will parents need for their newborn, or what they want. Not knowing the baby’s sex makes gift buying that much harder, but we at Mooiste have a solution – a quick baby shower gift shopping guide! Here are a few handy gift ideas that is practical and elegant.

Stroller hooks

Stroller hooks probably isn’t the first baby shower gift idea that would cross your mind, but this simple and easy to use product is a life saver for parents on the go. Strollers have limited carrying capabilities which often aren’t enough – especially for shopping trips. But, with these stroller hooks, parents can easily increase their stroller’s carrying capacity with up to 3kg (6lb) per hook! You don’t have to worry about whether they will fit on a stroller because the durable Velcro strap is easily adjustable and can fit any stroller model.

Order a pair of stroller hooks as a baby shower present from our Amazon store.

A Mooiste nursing cover

A nursing cover is a unisex gift perfect for a baby shower. There are many different breastfeeding covers out there, so here’s why you should go with Mooiste’s nursing cover:

  • It has a great design – it’s a poncho-shaped nursing cover that will fit both small and plus-size frames, so you can’t go wrong with size.
  • Mooiste’s nursing cover is versatile – it can also be used as a poncho, scarf, baby carrier cover, car seat cover, and a swaddle blanket.
  • Snaps on the sides allow Moms to adjust the nursing cover’s neckline.

Our nursing covers are made from a luxurious bamboo material, which is very breathable and soft to the touch. These breastfeeding covers come in two colours, grey and purple. Many moms love our nursing covers – you can see their reviews on our Amazon product page.

Swaddle blankets

Whether the parents plan to swaddle their baby or not, a pack of swaddle blankets is always handy. Swaddle blankets can be used for so much more than swaddling. Mom can use them as a baby wrap, snuggle blanket, baby seat and car seat cover, emergency changing mat, picnic blanket, burp cloth and more! Mooiste’s swaddle blankets are made from cotton muslin, and come in a three-pack, which is a great value for money. Also, the packaging is very gift-friendly, and the swaddle blankets come in unisex, adorable patterns.

If you want to order Mooiste swaddle blankets, visit our Amazon store.

Gift voucher

If you still can’t decide what to buy for a baby shower, a gift voucher is always a safe option. This way, the parents will buy what they need and you will be providing them with the freedom of choice. Maybe they will see something in our online store that they haven’t even realized they need! An online gift voucher for Mooiste’s products is also a great solution if you can’t attend the baby shower, but you still want to show your love and support. If you forgot to buy a baby shower gift, then Mooiste’s gift voucher is a lifesaver because it will be delivered to your friend’s inbox in an instant!

We have a diverse line of baby products that are perfect as a gender-neutral baby shower gifts, and many of our customers have expressed their opinion with their Amazon reviews. See our complete baby shower gift offer here and take your pick!